Computer Applications Class Information

This is a one year course designed to introduce students to a variety of computer programs and concepts and to teach students how to best use these programs for school and personal use. Interesting projects and activities are assigned. These various projects are explained in more depth on individual assignment pages elsewhere on this web site. It is not necessary to have the same programs on a home computer since adequate class time is allotted to complete assignments. If extra time is needed to complete work, student files can be accessed from computers in the student center or other classrooms and/or students can work in the computer lab when there are no other computer classes in session. If students need help accessing their files from home, they should contact Prep's technology staff.

Students will be issued an account on Sandia Prep's student file server. These accounts are password protected and students are discouraged from making their passwords available to other students. Furthermore, students should maintain a reasonable folder size by throwing out unused files from time to time.

Students are required to have a Flash Drive (64 MB minimum) for saving important files. This will be useful in this class and others. Access to a digital photo camera and video camera would be helpful. Also, it may not be a bad idea to buy one or two blank CD's to be used for backing up important files. The lab is equipped with CD burners.

Click here for Computer Lab late work policy.

Computer Lab rules are posted in the lab, but in general students are expected to be respectful of equipment and each other. Browsing the web for entertainment purposes, downloading MP3's, video, and other files, and game playing is prohibited and may result in a loss of privileges.

For information on grading policies and/or other information about individual assignment please go to the Computer Applications homepage.

To contact the instructor, please click here.